Photojournalism believes that the best moments are honest ones.

You deserve to live in the moments - the moments of anticipation before you walk down the aisle,
the moments of celebration after you welcome your child earthside or each tender moment of embrace between your family. Your story is unique and your photographs should be no different.

Somewhere we know that without silence, words lose their meaning.
Without listening, speaking no longer heals.
Without distance, closeness cannot cure.




I am drawn to joy and pain. Those may seem like polar opposites but I believe that joy reaches its heights when it's been touched by pain. Haven't we all experienced both? As a storyteller, artist and photographer, it is my goal to share honesty - the good, messy, beautiful moments that make up your story.

courtney larson

Storyteller, Artist + Photographer

As long as I can remember, I've been telling stories. As a child, I scribbled out the dreams swirling in my head. As a teenager, I used my stories to inspire my paintings. In adulthood, a small jewelry business supported me while I shared God's story. From the outside, you may call me an artist. I am. But deep down, I am a storyteller.

I have pumped my own gas just a handful of times and after working at Starbucks for seven years, I believe I have created the most high-maintenance drink. Thankfully, this is the only place my inner diva comes out. I am also addicted to quotes - send me your favorite!


I believe we are called to love for love's sake.


He told me he was going to marry me the second time we ever met. He is spontaneous and creates adventure everywhere he walks. He feels deeply and forgives completely. When he proposed, I responded swiftly with "It would be my greatest honor." Not a day goes by when I don't feel completely blessed to be his wife, friend, confidant, spiritual warrior, and secret keeper.


"If it is half as good as the half we've known, then here's a "hail" to the rest of the road." -Vanhauken



I called him my Common Stranger after holding him for the first time. On one hand, I was just getting to know him, as I studied each little part of him. But, then my soul connected so deeply to him that it was as if I had always known him. He lines his cars up in a row and he says "please" and "thank you". 

He loves giving slobbery puppy kisses and 
he calls me his friend.




She arrived just 13 (too short) months after her brother and was born backwards. She has continued her journey of doing things her way and in her own time ever since. She has kept up with her brothers every move and then some. She will yell louder, run farther, or sleep harder than everyone around her.

She will yell louder, run farther, or sleep harder than everyone around her.  




Story Mae is our newest little girl joining all the chaos in September 2015. She was 6 days late and came quick and fiercely. Britain lovingly refers to her as "my baby" and summarizes just how deeply we all have taken to her. We are so thankful to have her here.

She has completed us all in ways we never even knew.







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manny + KENDRA

"Courtney presented our story so richly, with emotional integrity and beautiful nuance. She has a way of catching the heart of the moment, the transient external gestures expressive of the otherwise invisible, quiet, inner monologue. She sees detail, she sees the spirit, she sees beauty and life. Her photos are powerful statements that honestly speak of who we are and how we love."


hannah & kevin

"Courtney was everything I wanted in a wedding photographer and more! Her photojournalistic style was exactly what I was looking for. She traveled to NY and was very easy going when it came to accommodations, planning, etc. We are thrilled with how everything turned out!"


julie & tim

"I really can't say enough about how much I loved working with you, your energy and spirit is so warm and positive and your directing style is so relaxed yet serious and in control. And the pictures... Well my heart is melting. Thank you doesn't quite cover it... I never thought I could feel so at ease with a photographer and be so thrilled with the results. You are one of the gifted ones and I'm so grateful we got to share this day and work with you!!!"


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FINALIST 2014, 2015 & 2016
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