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Similar to the one-on-one, this is customized to your needs and the perfect option for anyone that lives outside the Phoenix area. 



After gathering a portfolio of 30-50 images, we will review them separately and then together, discussing their individual strengths/weaknesses and your complete body of work. I will help you see you areas of growth and set up various goals to improve who you are as an artist. 
If you are looking to apply to Click Pro or another professional organization, you will have the option to have me review 150 images, although I will not be able to critique them individually. 

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Starting at $250


Each session is customized to your needs. I am an open book and will answer any & all questions you may have. 
We can get you confident shooting  in manual, learn the documentary approach, watch me edit and demystify Photoshop. Or follow me on a session set-up just for you to learn! I will walk through how I prep my clients, ways to achieve honest emotions, and how to "see the light"! 

MAKING THE CUT: The Perfect shot


What makes the perfect shot? Five photographers share their secrets!
Go behind the scenes in this collection of short, watch-when-you-want videos (including shooting vids, on-screen commentary, workflow, and more) from five top photographers. You’ll see them shoot a scene, work through their images, and talk through the process, learning invaluable techniques to take your images to the next level. And you’ll come away with an in-depth understanding of the factors that lead to that “perfect” shot.


• How each photographer shoots to capture the perfect shot– you’ll see images from all genres
• How each photographer works a scene to get the perfect shot– anticipation, composition, subject manipulation, perspective, movement– nothing is off limits as they discuss the “perfect” image
• Listen (and watch) as each photographer shows you the outtakes from each shoot and explains why she chose the keeper (and what makes that the strongest image of the set)
• If, how and why each photographer directs the subjects in the scene

What you'll learn:


Video Tutorial

In photography, light is everything. Come along with five photographers as they seek out beautiful light in its many forms: indoors and out, East Coast to West, backlight, low light, soft light, and beyond. Watch as they approach a scene, find the light, and harness its radiance to produce incredible photos. You’ll go behind the scenes during different times of day to capture the light with Tarah, Kristin, Courtney, Liz, and Lauren. Explore with them through shooting videos, pullbacks, and light diagrams. You’ll see exactly how each photographer positioned her subject (and herself!) relative to the light to create their magical images. Come along….indoors and out, east coast to west coast, midday to blue hour.


• How five photographers use light at many different times of day– from early morning until dusk
• How to use golden hour light to create magical images
• How to use midday light successfully
• Why positioning your subject in the scene really matters
• How to use manipulate scenes with difficult light to create usable light at any time of day

What you'll learn:

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visual rhetoric: becoming a better storyteller


Remember the best story you have ever heard heard? Maybe it was a bedtime tale your father created during your childhood, a popular TED talk that inspires you, or the way your husband tells the story of when you two first met. What makes that story so powerful? Storytelling is both a natural talent and a learned craft. Much like an aspiring authors do, we are going to learn how to construct a powerful visual narrative. We will examine the tools needed to express ideas and emotion. By analyzing literature and art, we will construct a new language for dynamic storytelling and the relationship between our mind’s eye and the camera. This class will develop the student’s ability to integrate various storytelling approaches, create single frame stories and photo essays, compose an effective communication strategy, and offer new tools for emphasizing the moments.

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• Create a language around how to approach, execute and analyze a photograph.
• The three principles that can have the greatest impact on an image and how it is perceived by your viewer.
• Weekly assignments based on the lesson to engage your imagination and personal voice. 
• Offer critique and personal perspective in analyzing different narrative works.
• Understand properties and characteristic that help to develop a story.

What you'll learn:

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