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Phoenix Birth Photographer { Good Samaritan Hospital Birth}


When I met Raychel, she was already 7 months pregnant, but I still threw my promo comment out there.

“Looking for a  birth photographer?”  And she was!  I got the opportunity photograph the birth of her  fourth child.  R delivered at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix, AZ which out of the 5 I have been to, is my favorite hospital. The rooms are HUGE and the staff is always so supportive and genuinely excited.

Raychel was amazing! (No surprise.  It was #4!) Do ever meet someone who you just instantly click with?  The minute I met R, I knew we’d become friends.  She’s witty and carries a practical faith in Christ that’s like a breath of fresh air.  She is honest and straight forward, not hiding who she really is…which is great because her heart is beautiful!

R., you are lovely.  I am looking forward to years of friendship, homemade bread and learning how to raise godly children from you.  🙂

Funny story from R’s birth.  Her water was intact until she began pushing and we were all really hoping baby A would be born in caul.  Me more than others. (would make for awesome pictures!)  R had one of her good friends there, K who had never experienced a birth before.  K finally got the courage to walk to the end of the bed to watch as baby A began to crown when POP! Raychel’s bag broke and shot literally across the room.  Funniest. Moment. Ever.  K about died out of fear and the rest of us were crying we were laughing so hard!


I also had the pleasure of photographing the the birth of the doula from here.  Jump over to see Chelsea’s amazing home birth!

Are you planning a hospital birth?  Send me an email or give me a call.  I’d love to meet up over some {decaf} coffee and talk about your new little bundle!

Courtney Larson
Inloveness Birth Photography
Serving Phoenix, AZ (and up to a 25 mile radius)



  1. Hi!

    I am pregnant with quads which are due anytime between now and March 14.

    I moved away from my friends and family in Idaho to be near a specialist here that can successfully deliver the quads.

    I am delivering at Banner GS and will be here until the babies are stable enough to go home.

    Our photographer is in Idaho and I do not know anyone here in AZ.

    We are looking for a photographer that is interested in donating their time to document our journey from birth, to NICU life, to the departure of when we leave AZ for home. In total it would be most likely 3 visits (the birth date, a shoot of babies and us in NICU and then our last day departing from Banner).

    You are the first photographer I have contacted and it’s because I loved your birthing pics of another gal on your page and you do an incredible job.

    I have 12.5k followers following our journey and it grows about 1k a week. The images will be put on our site and of course credited to you (either manually or you can put your logo in the corner).

    Our local news station will be flying out here to continue to follow our story and most likely will use the hospital photos we provide them.

    Anyway, I understand if this is something you might be too busy to be interested in, but I wanted to send you an email to see what you thought.

    You can contact me through email or phone.

    Heather Weavers

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