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The Birth of Lucy Grace: Babymoon Inn, Birth Photography, Phoenix


The Birth Story of Lucy Grace, by Ashley (the happy mommy)

“I have been on one HECK of birth high since Lucy Grace practically flew into the world on Sunday. I am so thrilled with how the birth of my daughter went. It was an amazing, healing experience after the hospital birth I had with my son- I had hoped to deliver him naturally as well and managed to avoid most of the “one size fits all” standard hospital-protocol interventions, but did not achieve a natural birth with him unfortunately. When I was researching different birthing options for this baby, I really wanted to take myself out of the hospital setting. I wanted to give myself the best chance possible to achieve what I so desperately wanted for all my births- to ability to choose how I wanted my birth to go, without being told by someone what position to be in or when to push, and the never ending monitoring that goes with the L & D department in a hospital. I really believed in myself and body after the birth of my son, and knew that a birth center would be my best option in empowering me and my trust in myself. I also specifically chose to have a doulas support again as well, like I did with my son. This time I chose Dianne Hamre, a doula who came highly recommended by other mothers who had delivered at Babymoon Inn as well. I knew she would bring me peace and labor support when I needed her for myself and my husband.  Dianne was so loving and the birth of Lucy was actually Dianne’s 300th birth!!

Labor this time around….I had no idea I was actually, truly in labor. I never got to experience contractions before that weren’t medication induced, so when I woke up at 730 and felt a bit crampy, I didn’t think much of it. I enjoyed my coffee in bed and then decided I’d go down stairs as start my day. Crampiness continued and after about an hour I told my husband Scott, “Something feels different today, but don’t get your hopes up.” He started asking frequently how long the contractions were, intensity, etc. I was not helpful at all in answering unfortunately.  I distracted myself by curling my hair and putting on makeup… I told myself staying on my feet was sure to help labor to progress! 🙂 By about 9am, I realized these cramps were probably contractions, and maybe I should get ahold of my doula, Dianne Hamre.  I had grown annoyed with my 3 year old and the dog running around the house (hello, labor clue!) and my husband took him to my sister in laws since we were pretty sure this was probably labor afterall. At that same time, my doula actually texted me to see when my next dr apt might be. I said ‘You must have a sixth sense, I was just going to text you but I’ve been wanting to make sure these contractions I woke up with continue.’ She called me at 9:45 since I was not helpful at all in determining how far apart the contractions were, or how intense. We determined they were actually about 4-5 mins apart. Scott came home and tried to get me and my bags in the car….I was in disbelief between contractions and kept clucking around the house, trying to remember all of the extra things I thought I’d need….

He finally got me into the car an we started driving at 10:45am. Contractions became serious. He started timing them while driving the 45 minute drive to the birth center. 3 minutes apart! It hurt to sit and Scott did an amazing job at helping me get through each contraction. We arrived at the birth center after about 11:30am. I wanted OUT of the car! I don’t recommend laboring in the seated position in the car to anyone! I arrived at Babymoon and fell into the loving arms of my doula Dianne and the birth center RN, Tiffany. I was definitely in my own zone at this point. I didn’t do anything to ‘prepare myself’ for labor, but somehow, it just came to me to breath and moan through each contraction. I’d never done that before but it was working to keep me focused. My midwife present was Beattie, who gave me an exam as soon as I arrived and announced I was already 7cms dilated and baby was +2 station. Everyone in the room including myself was amazed and I was relieved the end was very near! I was still in my own world and they were working quickly to fill the tub. I got in and sat down, trying to relax and let the water absorb my pain. I felt weird pressures and the strong urge to get on my knees in the water instead so I did. Almost immediately after changing positions, I felt my body encouraging me to push and so I did. Thank God my body took over because at that same time, I reached the height of labor and pain and told my husband “I can’t!”  The next thing I knew, Bettie was guiding me to reach down to catch my baby! I looked down in shock to see that she had emerged! Lucy was born just about 30 minutes after we arrived at the birth center, at 12:04pm. I literally had to ask Bettie if I was dreaming. I sat down and took Lucy into my arms. What a rush! When I held her for the first time, I was still reeling from giving birth. When I ‘came to’ after a few minutes, I know I asked if she was still a girl! No one had touched her at that point but myself so I unwrapped her from her towel and mistook the umbilical for half a second and gasped…then I looked again- a GIRL for sure! 😀

For anyone considering water birth….be strong in your belief in yourself, because it is real and true. Choosing a birth center, and a water birth, was the best decision I made in the care of delivering my baby. I felt so empowered to trust myself in that raw moment, and even when I had no ‘training’ or coaching at all in how to birth, it is a natural intuition we all have as women. It is such an amazing feeling, knowing that you did everything, safely under ‘supervision’ all by yourself. Also, I do recommend keeping your mind open to exactly what position you ultimately give birth in. I was incredibly surprised that I got on my knees!! 🙂 I highly encourage hiring a photographer for every birth, regardless of what facility you choose. I’ve been asked by some people, how can you have a stranger there with a camera?? You’re okay with being naked, and someone seeing you give birth?? My answer is, absolutely. When you’re in that moment, you’re focused and nothing will distract you or embarrass you! You cannot replace or recreate that moment, ever. It is priceless!

Some fun facts about baby Lucy’s birth- she was born at 40weeks, 3 days, just like my son, and was 8 pounds, 9 ounces, 21 inches, the exact same size as Ben as well! He was born at 12:07pm and Lucy was born at 12:04pm! :)”

Watch Lucy’s birth video…

The Birth Story of Lucy Grace from Courtney Larson on Vimeo.

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